ASU Develops Arizona’s Workforce

ASU graduates working Arizona

There are some 250,000 ASU graduates working in the state, representing more than 25 percent of all workers with a bachelor’s degree in Arizona.

ASU_ASU graduates working in Arizona

ASU graduates earn more

ASU graduates earn 38 percent more than the average Arizona worker, amounting to an extra $27,389 per year.

ASU Graduates Pay $1.1–$1.3 Billion each Year in State and Local Taxes

ASU graduates in Arizona earned a total of $16 billion in 2018, and contributed $1.1 to $1.3 billion in state and local taxes.

ASU Creates Knowledge and Solutions from Arizona

4,100 Invention Disclosures

ASU researchers disclose hundreds of inventions each year

980 patents issued

ASU has received more than 980 patents since 2003, ranking it 12th highest in the world.  It received 135 patents in 2020.

160 startups launched

ASU has launched more than 160 startups. These ventures support more than 2,000 jobs and produce $222 million in economic activity, primarily in Arizona.

$833 million in external funding raised

ASU startups have raised more than $833 million in external funding.

ASU Creates Jobs Inside and Outside of the University

17,000 ASU employees

ASU directly employs nearly 17,000 people full-time.

ASU’s staff is multifaceted

ASU employees not only include teaching faculty but also professional and service staff in a wide range of occupations, from research and development to animal care.

Arizona’s 4th largest employer

ASU is the state’s fourth-largest employer and the largest among Arizona higher education institutions.

53,000 jobs created by ASU

ASU’s staff, student, and visitor spending, as well as other university operations, created more than 53,000 jobs.

$4.6 billion in economic activity in 2020

ASU operations and the spending that they generate contribute more than $4.6 billion in gross product to the Arizona economy per year.