Adaptive Middleware Services for Situation-Aware Communication in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (NSF-funded)

Our goal is to integrate context-awareness and ad hoc group communication to provide a sufficient basis for a new breed of collaborative ubiquitous computing applications. In a Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) environment, users carry wearable, and handheld devices, which are connected over wireless networks. The interaction pattern among the devices is dependent upon the social context of the users. In other words, the role of a social group should be mapped to a community of devices (device group), which can support the collaboration among the members of the social group. We have proposed a model to address this mapping and how device group should aid users in group collaboration. Based on the model, we developed a distributed context-aware group membership scheme and a distributed group view maintenance protocol. We also implemented a test bed over WinCE on PDAs to demonstrate our approach, along with several Smart Classroom applications, which are currently using in CSE461, CSE462 class at Arizona State University. The experiment results demonstrate the feasibility of our system. Currently, we are evaluating our system through usability test.



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