CSE 535 Mobile Computing (Fall 2012)

Lecture M, W 1:30 P.M. - 2:45 P.M. BYAC 150
Instructor Georgios Varsamopoulos
Office BY514
Email Georgios.Varsamopoulos@asu.edu
Office Hours
TA Priyanka Bagade(pbagade@asu.edu)
Office BY517BA , Office Hours: M,F 3:00-4:00 P.M.



  • A student must check this web page regularly.


This is the syllabus for the course of this semester.


Assignment Points Date Assigned Due Date Files
Homework Assignments

Homework #1 100 Sept 05 2012 Sept 12 2012 PDF


Week Class # Date Topics Materials
1 1 08/27 - Introduction to the Course - Slides
2 2 08/29 - Overview of Wireless Sensor Network - Slides




Any incidence of cheating in this class will be severely dealt with. This applies to homework assignments, programming assignments, quizzes and tests. The minimum penalty for cheating will be that the student will not obtain any credit for that particular assignment. (This means that if in a test and/or assignment a student is found have cheated, he/she will obtain zero in that test and/or assignment.) For the homework and the programming assignments students may discuss the problems with others, but one is expected to turn in the results of one's own effort (not the results of a friend's efforts). One tends to get very suspicious if two identically wrong results show up in the homework assignment and/or tests. The names of the offenders will be maintained in the departmental files. The repeat offenders may be debarred from the University.

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