Programming Assignment 4

Assigned :   07th Apr
Demo      :   19thApr

Dynamic Routing Tree Construction

In this assignment you are responsible for building a routing for a distributed sensor network. The routing tree should change dynamically based on the current state of the system (i.e.) if there is change in connectivity between nodes then the routing tree should change. You also need to write a GUI based java program that displays the structure of the routing tree at any given time.

  • You should know how to sends and receive messages from a sensor.
  • How to query a sensor from a java program.

  • NesC code for sensors.
  • Java program display the state of the routing tree.
  • A document that explains how your application works.
  • Demo of the application. (Signup Sheet)

If you have any doubts you can contact (BY 517 BA).
Good Luck!

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