Programming Assignment 3

Assigned :   24th Mar
Demo      :   05thApr

Neighbor discovery:

This assignment will involve writing a neighbor discovery application for a distributed sensor network. You will also need to write a java program that can be used for sending queries to a sensor to retrieve its neighbor list and display it to the user. The java program takes the node's id as an input.

  • You should know how to program the motes and should have completed programming assignment 2.
  • You should know how to sends and receive messages from a sensor.
  • How to query a sensor from a java program.

  • NesC code for neighbor discovery.
  • Java program to query neighbor list information.
  • A document that explains how your application works.
  • Demo of the application. (Signup Sheet)

If you have any doubts you can contact (BY 517 BA).
Good Luck!

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