Things to ensure before programming the motes:

The contents of tinyos can be found in directory "/opt/tinyos-1.x/".
  • Remove the batteries when programming the motes. If you forget to do this it will burn the motes and the programming boards.
  • Make sure the MIB510 switch is OFF. If not you will get the error message the programmer is not responding.
  • Interface the sensor board before switching ON the mote.
  • When using the sensor board if you get a whisiling sound then check the sensor board type specified in you Makefile. Change the SENSORBOARD type to micasb.
  • Programming the mote: Use the following command
    MIB510=COM1 make mica2 install
    if you forget MIB510=COM1 then you will get a flash error.
  • Make sure the power supply is properly connected to the programming board. If connected the power supply light (green LED) on the programming board will be ON. If programming board is not connected to the power supply properly it will also give rise to flash errors or it will complain the programmer is not responding.
  • If two motes are not communicating:
    Check the frequency of operation. The default frequency of operation set in TinyOS is 433 MHz. But Mica2 motes communicate at 900 MHz range. You can change the frequency of operation by setting a defined value in the CC1000Const.h file present in /opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/platform/mica2 directory. There is a defined variable called CC1K_DEF_PRESET. Set its value to CC1K_915_998_MHZ. Then compile and reload the applications on to both the motes. Now they should start communicating.

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