Developing PDA based Data Gathering and Analysis Tool for Blood Pressure Monitor

Capstone Project (Spring 2005)

Faculty Advisor

    Sandeep K. S. Gupta
    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Arizona State University

Undergraduate Team

    Joseph Alday
    Talal A. Almuhanna
    Teck-Chien Chua
    Nathan Michael Clark
    Boon Yan Teo (

Graduate Mentor

        Krishna Venkatasubramanian (


The main goal of this project was to develop a PDA based application to remotely control a Blood Pressure monitoring device. The main module of the application is a query processor which remotely queries the BP device for blood pressure readings. The data received is stored in a database (indexed by the timestamp and user id from whom the was measured) for future retrieval. The application also provides aggregation of BP data providing the average, min and max values of all the data collected in a session. The interface between the PDA and the BP device is done using Mica2 motes which are programmed using TinyOS.


  • Project report (Doc)
  • Project presentation (PPT)


Group (Left to Right) Joe, Teck, Talal, Yan & Nathan


System Setup


Blood Pressure Measurement


PDA Display


Achievements Certificate

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Last Updated: 12th May 2005