Integrating a Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitor with the AYUSHMAN testbed

Capstone Project (Fall 2004)
First place winner

Faculty Advisor

    Sandeep K. S. Gupta
    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Arizona State University

Undergraduate Team

    Tomas A. Velasquez (
    Waleed F. Masoom (
    Mohammad Lootah
    Koshin Mariano (

Graduate Mentor

    Valliappan Annamalai (


Our main goal was to identify and integrate a non-invasive blood pressure sensor with the AYUSHMAN testbed for remote health monitoring. In addition, we also needed to implement a component in TinyOS that will help in dynamically changing the serial port communication baud rate depending on the specifications of the devices attached to the Mica2 mote through the serial interface.


  • Project report (Doc)
  • Project presentation (PPT)


Demonstration Team members with mentor (from left to right: Waleed, Tomas, Valli, Mohammad and Koshin)

Achievements: First Place Winner

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